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Consolato Generale d’Italia
Passport Department
2590 Webster Street
San Francisco, CA 94115


1) General Information
2) Instructions
3) Requesting a new passport / No more available pages in a passport
4) Appointments
5) Passport Fees and accepted form of payment
6) Digital Fingerprinting
7) Declaration Form for Minors Under 14 Years Old Travelling WITHOUT Their Parents/Legal Guardians.
8) Identity Cards


  • To be able to request a passport through this office you must already have been granted Italian citizenship, either at birth, or following a request for citizenship recognition. (For information on how to request Italian citizenship, please visit the webpage of the Citizenship department of this Consulate)
  • Italian citizens residing for at least 6 months per year in this Consular jurisdiction must EITHER already be registered at this Consulate in San Francisco, OR have submitted an AIRE registration request to this Consulate AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED PASSPORT APPOINTMENT. This also applies to citizens currently registered in AIRE who were previously registered at another Consulate who satisfy the residency requirement. To register in AIRE through this Consulate, visit the Registry – AIRE page of this website.
    • AIRE registration is a legal obligation of all Italian citizens (art. 6 of law 470/1988) and is required for passport issuance abroad.
  • By law, citizens should submit passport applications to their competent office in whose jurisdiction they reside, whether in Italy or abroad. The jurisdiction of the Consulate General in San Francisco covers Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, American Territories of Samoa, American Territory of Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Johnston Atoll, Wake Island, Midways Islands, and California (except the following counties, which are under the jurisdiction of the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles: Imperial Valley, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo and Ventura).
  • The passport requests submitted by applicants who are not registered under the jurisdiction of the Consulate General Of Italy in San Francisco will be rejected. Once the registration will be completed through the portal FAST IT, the applicant may resubmit the application. Passport applications by Italian citizens who are not resident under the jurisdiction of the Consulate General Of Italy in San Francisco will have to be submitted to the competent Consulate and/or Embassy.
  • To request a passport for a minor born outside of Italy, the child’s birth certificate must be already registered in an Italian municipality. For information on how to register a birth certificate, please visit the Vital Records page of this website.
  • The issuance of a new Italian passport can be applied for up to six months before the expiration date of the current passport.

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The following instructions are for requesting an Italian passport for ADULTS and MINORS 12 YEARS AND OLDER.

Please note:  minors UNDER 12 years old DO NOT REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT. You must send their passport application by mail. Refer to the documentation required for minors.

  1. SUBMIT AN AIRE REGISTRATION / UPDATE REQUEST THROUGH THE FAST IT online system (see AIRE web page for instructions):
    • If you are already registered at this Consulate General in San Francisco:
      1. Create a Fast It account (or login to your account if you already have one)
        • Please note: for this step the Consulate must match your account with your personal file in the Consular database
      4. VERIFY your address and personal details
      5. UPDATE your address and personal details if they are incorrect/out of date. See instructions on the AIRE page of this website
  2. RECONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT THROUGH PRENOT@MI 10 days prior (and no later than 3 days prior) to the appointment date (click here for information)
    1. ADULTS – required documentation
    2. MINORS – required documentation

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It is no longer possible to renew Italian passports. Those with an expiring (or expired) Italian passport must follow instructions for the issuance of a new passport. Similarly, it is no longer possible to add pages to Italian passports. Citizens in possession of a valid Italian passport with no more available pages must follow the instructions for the issuance of a new passport booklet.booklet.

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New appointment-booking website Prenot@Mi is live!

We remind you that if you see the word “SCADUTA” (meaning “EXPIRED”) in your booking, it means that you DO NOT have any appointment confirmed.

To schedule an urgent appointment for Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs), citizens MUST email the Passport Office at and include proof of legitimate emergency and their Scheda Consolare from their account (if resident in our jurisdiction). For non-urgent requests, please follow the instructions below.


The Consulate General of Italy wishes to remind all users that the booking system “PRENOT@MI” is entirely FREE OF CHARGE. Users will never be asked to pay any fee in order to book an appointment at the Consulate General.

We would recommend all users to refrain from accepting any offer made by websites, agencies or other individuals claiming to be able to book an early appointment on your behalf, provided that you pay a fee. The Consulate General wishes to stress that there is no connection at all between the Consulate itself and such websites, agencies or individuals and reserves its right to take action where appropriate.

Italian citizens residing in WASHINGTON, OREGON, UTAH, and HAWAII can now schedule an appointment through the offices of their state’s Honorary Consul for their fingerprinting. This service is offered on a volunteer basis by the Honorary Consuls depending on their availability. Click here for the Honorary Consuls’ contact information.



    **Please note: 
    If you are NOT a legal resident in this Consular jurisdiction and/or your are not registered in AIRE through this Consulate, send an email to before you schedule an appointment.
  2. CREATE AN ACCOUNT IN PRENOT@MI (click here): Each applicant must have a PRENOT@MI account and each appointment must be booked using the applicant’s PRENOT@MI account. The portal does not allow you to create an account for a minor. The parent needs to book the appointment with his/her account and in the NOTES section, he/she should write the name of his/her child (list full name, date and place of birth). From each account, you may book up to 5 appointments.
    • IMPORTANT! If you recently submitted an AIRE registration request through FAST IT, the status of the online request MUST show as “definito / completo” before you can schedule a passport appointment. After your FAST IT request for AIRE Registration is complete, you may schedule an appointment for a passport.
  3. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE: Login to PRENOT@MI and select the service for the issuance of an ordinary passport. Ordinary passport appointments can be reserved no more than 24 weeks in advance.


  • CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE: Beginning 10 days prior to the scheduled appointment date login to PRENOT@MI confirm your appointment. We strongly recommend that you confirm as soon as it becomes possible. The deadline for the second confirmation is 3 days prior to the appointment.

    Failure to confirm the appointment(s) by the deadline will result in an automatic cancellation of your appointment(s) by the online system, and the appointment(s) will become available to other applicants.


TO SCHEDULE AN URGENT APPOINTMENT: Citizens who have a real urgent request, may book the slot called “PASSPORTS: ONLY FOR PROVEN URGENCIES”.

This slot should ONLY be booked by:

– Italian citizens who DO NOT have another citizenship (green card, visa holders or no legal status) and have an expired Italian passport or an Italian passport that expires in the following 6 months;

– Italian citizens who have another citizenship but their legal status in the United States is linked to their Italian passport and have an expired Italian passport or an Italian passport that expires in the following 6 months;

– Italian citizens who are also US citizens but are staying in Italy/Schengen Area for more than 90 days and/or have other documentation proving their urgent request. If you have doubts regarding the urgency of your request, please email our office BEFORE booking your urgent appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: Urgent appointments are subject to verification by this Consulate General. You need to include in the NOTES section the reason of your urgent request and, the day of your appointment, you need to bring all the necessary documentation proving your urgent request. Otherwise, your appointment will be cancelled and you must book an ordinary passport appointment.

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  • THE TOTAL COST of the passport is published on the “Consular Fees” page of our website.
  • Payment must be a MONEY ORDER or CASHIER’S CHECK in $USD made out to “Consulate General of Italy – San Francisco.” The money order must already filled out before submitting payment to the Consulate. We do not accept cash, personal checks, or credit/debit cards.

PLEASE NOTE: Consular fees are updated every three months. Make sure that the payment amount on your Money Order will be valid on the day of your appointment. Incorrect payment amounts will NOT be accepted.

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    • The issuance of a new biometric passport requires the physical presence of the applicant at this Consulate General in San Francisco in order to acquire his/her digital fingerprints.
    • Applicants under 12 years old are exempt from digital fingerprinting

Other reasons for exemption from fingerprinting are:

    • Documented permanent or pathological disability – must be proven through a Medical Certification letter issued by a local physician, hospital, etc.
    • or evident disability or deformity

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IMPORTANT: The accompanying adult is responsible for ensuring that he/she also has a travel document valid for travel to and entry into Italy.

Italian children under the age of 14 (fourteen), travelling without their parents or legal guardians, must have an authorization issued by the competent Consular office for that purpose. This authorization is issued following the submittal of an ad-hoc declaration showing the name of the person(s), of the company, or Airline to which the minor(s) will be entrusted during their trip. A mention of the party accompanying the minor(s) will be mentioned in the Italian passport of the minor(s).

In order to travel without the parents/legal guardians, the following original documentation must be submitted to the Consulate:

  1. Declaration form for accompanying a minor, signed by both of children’s parents/legal guardians in the presence of a Consular officer, or a Notary Public.
    • If the minor will be accompanied by a person or persons, please indicate on the form the complete address(es) of those accompanying the minor, and include a photocopy of a valid photo ID of those people if possible.
  2. Minor’s Italian passport. If requesting the name of the accompanying adult to be printed on the passport, please provide oringinal passport of the minor. If requesting the name of the accompanying adult to be printed on a separate paper, please, provide only a copy of the passport of the minor.
  3. Copies of the passports of the parents.
  4. If the minor is accompanied by an adult and not entrusted to an airline, please provide proof of residence of the person.
  5. Flight booking and/or itinerary where the names of the minor and the accompanying adult are clearly stated

If sending the documentation from points 1 and 2 by mail, parents must also include:

  • Authorization form for returning the passport by mail, filled out and signed
  • Pre-paid and self-addressed envelope with tracking number for returning the new and old (when applicable) italian passport – return envelope MUST be either United States Postal Service Espress Mail or Priority Mail.

The accompanying statement as well as the authorization are valid for one round trip, but under well-founded circumstances (medical care, studies, etc.) can be valid up a maximum of six months.

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For questions or clarification, please contact the Passport Department by sending an email to


Additional information regarding passport issuance can be found on the Ministry website: