Passports for ADULTS – REMINDERS:

  • Appplicants must have scheduled AND confirmed each appointment through the PRENOT@MI system. (see instructions on Passport page under “Appointments”)
  • Applicants residing in this Consular jurisdiction must be registered in AIRE through the Consulate in San Francisco.


PLEASE NOTE: In the event that an application is missing documentation, it will NOT be possible to proceed with the appointment. In such cases applicants must schedule a new appointment through PRENOT@MI.

The original documentation listed below must be submitted on the day of the appointment.

  1. Declaration of no legal obstacle – you MUST include this document in order to issue YOUR passport if you have any children under 18 years old. (If you do not have any minor children, skip this step and proceed to items 3-7.)
  2. PHOTOCOPY of birth certificates of your minor children – The names of the parents MUST appear on the certificate

  3. Passport Request Form for ADULTS, filled out and signed by the applicant
  4. Expiring/expired Italian Passport (if requesting an Italian passport for this first time this document may be omitted, but the applicant must instead bring a proof of citizenship from the appropriate Consulate/Comune).
  5. Copy of other passports, if any.
  6. 2 passport photographs possibly Italian size (click here for specifications) or either US passport size.
  7. PHOTOCOPY of proof of legal stay in the United States – provide photocopy of ONE of the following:
    1. Visa for the United States, or E.S.T.A.
    2. or Permanent Resident Card issued AFTER August 15th,1992.
      • IMPORTANT: If a Permanent Resident Card issued before August 15th, 1992 was renewed, a copy of the payment receipt issued at the time of renewal is sufficient. To request a renewal of the Permanent Resident Card, visit If the card has never been renewed, applicants must present a certificate of no record of naturalization issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Otherwise, the applicant’s expiring/expired Italian passport must show a US Immigration stamp confirming entry into the United States after August 15th 1992.
      • PLEASE NOTE: Without this documentation a passport cannot be issued.
    3. or United States Passport AND copy of USA Certificate of Naturalization (Certificate of Naturalization is required only for Italian citizens who were naturalized as United States citizens after birth)
    4. or Copy of Consular Report of Birth Abroad (only for United States Citizens born outside of United States)
  8. Payment for the TOTAL COST in $USD of the passport (click here for current Consular fees)
    • PLEASE NOTE: payment must be a MONEY ORDER or CASHIER’S CHECK, already filled out, and made out to Consulate General of Italy – San Francisco. We do not accept cash, personal checks, or credit/debit cards.
  9. Pre-paid and self-addressed envelope for returning the new and old Italian passports – return envelope MUST be United States Postal Service Express Mail or Priority Mail with tracking number (we do not accept UPS and/or FedEx pre-paid envelopes). The passport will not be issued during the appointment, unless the applicant has a proven urgency approved by the Passport Office.
  10. Authorization form for mailing the passport, filled out and signed by the applicant


For any questions please contact the Passport Department at