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Passports for MINORS

Consolato Generale d’Italia
Passport Department
2590 Webster Street
San Francisco, CA 94115


  • You may request the first passport for a minor born outside of Italy, ONLY after receiving a PEC (certified email) by the Vital Records Office of our Consulate General, where they ask your Comune AIRE to register the minor’s birth certificate. If there are any issues with the registration, we will issue the passport ONLY when the Comune confirms that the birth certificate has been
    registered. For information on how to register a birth certificate issued abroad, please visit the Vital Records page of this Consulate.
  • Minors residing in this Consular jurisdiction must be registered in AIRE through this Consulate General in San Francisco. (Please visit the Registry – AIRE page for information on AIRE registration)
  • Minors who are 12 YEARS AND OLDER must have an appointment booked and confirmed through PRENOT@MI The portal does not allow you to create an account for a minor. The parent needs to book the appointment with his/her account and in the NOTES section, he/she should write the name of his/her child (list full name, date and place of birth). From each account, you may book up to 5 appointments.
  • Passport requests for MINORS UNDER 12 YEARS OLD will be processed by mail and do not require an appointment (see instructions below).


The original documentation listed below must be printed and submitted in person for each minor 12 years and older. On the day of the appointment at least ONE of the parents must be present.
PLEASE NOTE: In the event that an application is missing documentation it will NOT be possible to proceed with the appointment. In such cases applicants must schedule a new appointment through PRENOT@MI.

  1. Passport request form for MINORS, signed by BOTH parents:
    • Parents who are Italian or European Union citizens must attach a photocopy of your Italian/EU passport to the request form (only include page(s) with personal information AND signature).
    • Parents who are NOT Italian or European Union citizens MUST HAVE THEIR SIGNATURE AUTHENTICATED by a notary public, OR by an Honorary Consul, OR by a Consular Officer on the day of the appointment, plus a photocopy of the passport page per the prior bullet point.
    • If one parent is deceased: provide a photocopy of the death certificate of the deceased parent.
  2. Photocopy of the minor’s birth certificate – the certificate must show both parent’s names
  3. Original expiring/expired Italian Passaport of the minor (if this is the first Italian passport this item may be omitted).
  4. Copy of other passports of the minor, if any.
  5. 2 photographs of the minor, Italian passport size (click here for specifications), or either US passport size
  6. Photocopy of proof of minor’s legal stay in the United States:
    • United States Visa or E.S.T.A
    • or Permanent Resident Card
    • or United States Passport – if minor is a USA citizen and was born outside of the USA please also include a photocopy of Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  7. Payment for TOTAL COST of the passport in $ USD (for current fees, please consult the “Consular Fees” page)
    • PLEASE NOTE: payment must be a MONEY ORDER or CASHIER’S CHECK, already filled out, and made out to Consulate General of Italy – San Francisco. We do not accept cash, personal checks, or payments with credit/debit card.
  8. Pre-paid and self-addressed envelope for returning the new and old Italian passports – return envelope MUST be United States Postal Service Express Mail or Priority Mail with tracking number (we do not accept UPS and/or FedEx pre-paid envelopes). The passport will not be issued during the appointment (for minors above the age of 12), unless the applicant has a proven urgency, approved by the Passport Office.
  9. Signed authorization form for mailing the passport

IF THE MINOR IS YOUNGER THAN 12 YEARS OLD, the passport application will be processed by mail. Please mail the required documentation to this Consulate (address at the top of the page).


In order to ensure the processing of passport requests sent by mail (and to be able to use the payment sent) by the end of the trimester, requests must be received by the Consulate no later than the dates listed below. Any requests received after these dates cannot be guaranteed processing before the currently posted Consular fees expire. In such cases the entire passport request (including the expired payment amount) will be returned to the applicant who will need to re-send the passport request to the Consulate with a new payment for the amount of the updated consular fees.

  Trimester     Consular Fees valid from – until     Request must be received by  
  the Consulate no later than
I   January 1st – March 31st   March 15th
II   April 1st – June 30th   June 15th
III   July 1st – September 30th   September 15th
IV   October 1st – December 31st   December 10th

Please Note: Passport requests with incomplete or missing documentation cannot be processed will be returned to the applicant.

For additional information or clarification, please send an email to the passport department at