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Electronic Identity Card (CIE)

What is the electronic identity card (CIE)?

The CIE is a personal identification document valid for identification and circulation in the European Union, in some states adhering to the Schengen agreement (e.g. Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and in other states with which bilateral agreements have been concluded (see individual “Country cards” on the website The CIE CANNOT be used to leave the United States of America.

To whom can be issued an electronic identity card?

For the purposes of issuing the CIE it is essential that the applicant:

  • is an Italian citizen regularly residing in the consular district of the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco;
  • is registered with AIRE and his name entered in the appropriate application by the Italian municipality of reference;
  • has the birth certificate transcribed in Italy, as the details of the transcription must be reported on the CIE;
  • has updated his/her position in the consular records in the event of a change of address, change in marital status or birth of children.

How do I request an electronic identity card (CIE)?

The request for the electronic identity card must be submitted exclusively using the Prenot@mi platform.

ATTENTION: in the event that, following checks, elements emerge that prevent the processing of the request for issuing the CIE, the citizen will be informed of the reasons for the rejection.

What documentation is needed to bring with you to the appointment to request the CIE?

Normally the applicant must bring:

  • A passport photo complying with biometric standards (recent, frontal, with a white background, in color, 35 x 45 mm format);
  • Previous identity card or Italian passport. In the absence of these, any other identification document.
  • Act of consent from both parents, if the applicant is a minor under 18 years of age
  • Declaration of loss/theft of a previous ID card, if applicable.

What is the act of consent?

In case of request for a minor, the consent form must be completed and signed by both parents.

Consent, which is also necessary in the case of unmarried, separated or divorced parents, can be expressed in writing in one of the following forms:

– personally at this Consulate on the day of the appointment;

– personally at the headquarters of another Italian Consulate;

– personally at a Public Notary.

What operations will be carried out on the day of the appointment?

On the day of the appointment, the consular operator acquires the documentation indicated above, carries out the recognition and verification of the photo and acquires fingerprints and signature (except for children under 12 years of age). On the day of the appointment, the valid paper or CIE identity card will be cancelled, even if the applicant does not have another identity document. It is therefore advisable, if the applicant has no other valid identity document, to communicate this to the operator.

How do I receive the CIE?

The document is not issued at sight on the day of the appointment: the CIE is in fact produced by the State Printing and Mint Institute and subsequently sent, by registered mail paid by Poste Italiane, to the residence address (or delivery address) indicated by the applicant. The citizen will be able to follow the shipment independently online, using the tracking code.

The Consulate General is not responsible for any shipping problems, for which it is necessary to contact Poste Italiane.

How long is the CIE valid?

The validity of the CIE varies depending on the age of the holder and is:

– 3 years for minors aged between 0 and 3;

– 5 years for minors aged between 4 and 18;

– 10 years for people over 18 years of age.

What is the payment method?

For the cost of the CIE and related payment method, see the Consular Fees section of this website.

Do I have to ask for a new card if I change my address?

No. The identity card is a document of identity and not of residence.

Is it possible for married women to enter their husband’s surname?

No. The identity card is a document of identity and not of marital status.

Can I request an identity card from my municipality in Italy, even if I live abroad?

The citizen will have to check with the Municipality in Italy.

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