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Power Of Attorney’s

If you are NOT an Italian citizen, and you need a Power of Attorney to use in Italy, follow this procedure:


  1. Have a PoA (Power Of Attorney) drafted by an Italian Public Notary. Please keep in mind the PoA can be done only as “Scrittura Privata”.
  2. Have the PoA translated in English (see the link below for professional translators).
  3. Have the English version of the PoA notarized by a U.S. public notary
  4. Have the English version of the PoA apostille’d by the State (California if the doc is made here)
  1. Have the Italian translation certified by this Consulate (we only certify that the translation is complete and correct, so we will need to receive both the English version and the Italian version, plus a USPS Priority pre-paid return envelope to mail the documents back to you).

The Apostille does NOT require translation.

Please see the fee for the certification service art. 72A (amount in $ is per each original page front and back in English, it does not matter how many pages takes the translation):

           We accept money orders and cashier’s checks only.


When this procedure is completed the PoA will be valid in Italy (both Italian and English version with apostille must be stapled together and sent to Italy by FedEx or UPS).