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Foreign (Non-Eu) Citizens Marrying In Italy

Congratulations for getting married!

US citizens who wish to get married in Italy must follow the procedure listed below. For other nationalities please send us an email to the address listed below.

A foreigner who marries an Italian does not automatically become an Italian citizen.



These are the documents you must provide to the Comune (City Hall) in Italy where you are going to celebrate the marriage:

  1. The Atto Notorio provided by this Italian Consulate; it is valid for 90 days, which means you need to get married within 90 days from day it is issued (it is issued on the same day of your appointment at the Consulate);
  2. The Sworn Statement/Affidavit “Dichiarazione Giurata”, which is provided by a U.S. Embassy/Consulate in Italy;
  3. If applicable, evidence of the termination of any previous marriage/s (e.g., final divorce decree, annulment decree, death certificate of former spouse) with apostille and certified translation in Italian;

Plus, if the Comune requires it:

  1. The birth certificate of the American spouse/s with apostille and certified translation in Italian.




First step:

Inquire with the Comune in Italy whether the birth certificate with apostille and translation is required. If it is, you must have these docs with you on the day of the appointment at the Italian Consulate, as we need to certify the translation.

If item n. 3 is applicable, you must bring it as well on the day of the appointment at the Consulate.


Second step:

You schedule an appointment with this Italian Consulate for the Atto Notorio, which is issued on the same day of the appointment. The Atto Notorio is a formal declaration made by the U.S. spouse/s in front of the Italian Consul and supported by two witnesses per each spouse. With the Atto Notorio you state that you are single, and there are no obstacles to the celebration of the marriage. The witnesses must know the spouse/s well, they cannot be close family members, but they can be cousins or friends.


Third step:

Once you have the Atto Notorio, the birth certificate with apostille and certified translation (if required by the Comune), plus item n.3 if applicable, you need to get the Sworn Statement/Affidavit “Dichiarazione Giurata” from a U.S. Embassy/U.S. Consulate in Italy; see here:


Fourth step:

Once you have all the above documents, you bring them to the Ufficio Matrimoni (Marriage Office) of the Comune (City Hall) where the marriage will be celebrated.

You will be given an appointment to return in two or three days with two witnesses and an interpreter to make a declaration of intention to marry (Promessa di Matrimonio). These witnesses don’t have to be the same witnesses used for the Atto Notorio.


As soon as these steps are completed, the spouse/s can celebrate the marriage.


In order to schedule the appointment you need to fill out this  Word form, provide copy of spouse/s and witnesses passports in PDF file (please scan, no pictures) and send these items to the email address listed below. Please, contact us NO earlier than 90 days before the wedding.