Consulate General of Italy
Vital Records Department
2590 Webster Street
San Francisco, CA 94115


  • PRIVACY POLICY ACKNOWLEDGMENT: In submitting documentation to this Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco, you confirm that you have read and understood the information in the privacy document posted on our website pertaining to the handling of personal data that you submit to this office per EU regulations (RGPD). To view the privacy document, click here.
  • If this is NOT the first divorce, you must submit the required documentation for registering ALL PREVIOUS MARRIAGES AND DIVORCES prior to requesting the registration of this divorce.




The following documentation is required for vital records issued in CALIFORNIA, OREGON, WASHINGTON, ALASKA, HAWAII, MONTANA, IDAHO, UTAH, or in the US territories in the Pacific:

    1. Certified Copy of the final judgment of dissolution of marriage, issued by the relevant Court. The certified copy must include any extra-Marital Settlement Agreements, exhibits, and/or attachments if they are present.
      • In case of minor children, ensure that the certified copy mentions the custody and parental plan.
    2. Statement of No Appeal issued by the court (CLICK HERE to download a draft of this document along with an explanation to submit to the court official). This must be prepared on letterhead paper and signed by an official of the Court that issued the judgement.
      1. IMPORTANT NOTE – DIVORCES ISSUED IN WASHINGTON STATE: Some courts in Washington state will issue a document called a Certificate of Exemplification instead of the Statement of No Appeal. The Certificate of Exemplification may be submitted in place of the Statement of No Appeal if it clearly indicates that the divorce went uncontested and the time to file an appeal has expired.
    3. APOSTILLE issued by the competent Secretary of State, attached to the items of POINTS 1 AND 2 listed above. (CLICK HERE for information and instructions on Apostilles)
    4. A complete translation in Italian of the items in points 1 and 2 (you do NOT need to translate the Apostille).
      (CLICK HERE for a list of translators)

      • PLEASE NOTE:
        • EVERY SINGLE WORD on the original document must be translated;
        • Translations must be COMPLETE, FREE OF ERRORS, prepared on a computer, printed, and with legible fonts;
        • Any translations that are incomplete and/or that contain errors will NOT be accepted, and in such case all documentation included in the request to register the vital record will be returned to the applicant without processing;
    5. Divorce registration form with attached Affidavit – click here – filled out in its entirety and signed by the applicant;
    6. Photocopy of a valid Italian passport of the Italian citizen requesting divorce registration.


    – we suggest you request a tracking number to verify that your package reaches us.


The Consulate will send the registration request by certified email to your Comune in Italy within 45 days from when the Consulate has received the complete set of the required documents. You will be CC’ed on this e-mail.

Then, the Comune will complete the registration procedure, usually within 30 business days. However, this timeframe is highly variable, as it takes more time for larger Comuni (cities as Rome, Milan) to complete the registration procedure.

To request a confirmation of the registration, you MUST contact the Comune in Italy, as the Consulate does not know when the Comune will complete the registration. We suggest you email the Anagrafe/Stato Civile Office of your Comune (please use the Italian language; not all municipalities will have an English speaker on staff).

Requests with complete and correct documentation will be processed. All ORIGINAL documentation will not be returned and will be kept in the applicant’s personal file here at the Consulate General in San Francisco.

Please note: Incomplete requests and/or requests with missing documentation will not be processed. The paperwork will be returned if you provide a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope for us to do so.