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It is possible for an Italian citizen to change the Comune where he/she is registered in AIRE by written request, only if:

  • the citizen has a spouse and/or children either registered in the AIRE of that Comune, OR
  • the citizen has a spouse and/or children who are residents in Italy in that Comune.

Other reasons for changing the Comune of AIRE registration are NOT permitted. Requests submitted for reasons other than those listed above (typically following the purchase of a house or property in Italy in a Comune other than that of current AIRE registration) do not satisfy the current requirements.

Citizens who satisfy the abovementioned requirements must submit a typed request, addressed to the new Comune where they wish to transfer AIRE registration. The citizen must be signed and dated, and must indicate:

  • their full first, middle, and last name,
  • date and place of birth,
  • the reason for requesting the change of the Comune AIRE registration.
  • The request must also include a scan/photocopy of an Italian I.D. that shows the signature of the person requesting the change.

Requests must be submitted by email to the Registry-AIRE department to

Once the Consulate receives this request it will be sent to the Comune for review. If the Comune successfully transfers the AIRE registration, the citizen should receive a confirmation via email. For any clarification please contact