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RAI's announcement regarding its TV signal distribution in North America



RAI's announcement regarding its TV signal distribution in North America

The channels that make up Gruppo Rai (Rai Italia, Rai World Premium, Rai News24) in North America are currently available through 18 different TV service providers present in the North American territory and active on all principle technological distributors (satellite, cable, over-the-top [OTT] content). Dish Network is no longer among these providers because despite a long and complex negotiation Gruppo Rai and Dish network were unable to reach a deal, mostly relating to Dish Network's request to hold exclusive broadcasting rights. This would have gone against RAI's public service goal of ensuring maximum possible distribution of its product on all platforms.

We've reached out on all our communication channels to provide all information that would allow people to decide the best and most functional way to access Rai channels through our operating partners in the United States that have comparable prices to, and in some cases are more accessable than, Dish Network. Two recently added partners are DirecTV, market leader in satellite distribution technology, and OTT and Fubo TV, active on OTT technologies. 

Consistent with the mission of Gruppo RAI, RAI's objective is to entrust the transmission of its channels to to the greatest number of operators in North America through different technologies (satellite, cable, OTT), who are able to reach a maximum number of viewers.

For information regarding the 18 providers that currently broadcast Rai channels in the United States please visit .