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The Consul General


The Consul General

In assuming my role today, September 19th, 2016, as Consul General of Italy I feel truly honored to be able to represent Italy in San Francisco and in the north-west United States.

I feel the great complexity of the challenge ahead of me and the high expectations in the Consulate General in San Francisco as an important reference point for this extraordinary Italian and Italian-American community. A community that, with its creativity, talent, and industriousness, has contributed crucially to the creation and growth of this wonderful city known and loved by the entire world. Today young Italians who arrive both in the Bay Area and in the North-West continue to bring the best and the allure of our  Country.

We are now crossing a critical moment in the history of Europe and of Italy, and today more than ever we must put forth every effort to promote our National Economic System. Italy’s culture, economy, and technology continue to be admired by the whole world, in particular by the United States, but they are in need of important reforms in order to once again be avant-garde, attract investments, and create jobs. In this part of the United States where innovation is an integral part of daily life we can certainly find the answers to many obstacles by providing our entrepreneurs the ideas and capital necessary to re-start our Country. My constant personal commitment and that of the Consulate General, under the guide of our Embassy in Washington, will be to create opportunities for our companies and start-ups, to attract investment in Italy, and to promote our language and our culture - already so strong and rooted in this part of the United States – together with the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco. I am certain that in these years I’ll be able to count on your precious and necessary help.

Cari saluti,
Lorenzo Ortona