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The Consul General


The Consul General

Image of the Consul General Sergio Strozzi

I assumed the role of Consul General in San Francisco on 17 June 2021.

It is a tremendous honor for me to represent Italy in the city of San Francisco and the US Northwest.

San Francisco and the Bay Area are a surprising, marvelous reality, growing and changing continuously, which daily stimulates technological and scientific innovation across the globe. I am strongly convinced that these characteristics are a perfect match for the genius, innovation, and advanced scientific and technological know-how of Italy and her enterprises. We must reinforce and multiply opportunities for friendship and equal exchange of ideas and projects to further expand the possibility of collaboration in these strategic sectors. The brand-new Italian Innovation and Culture Hub in San Francisco will serve as an extraordinary accelerator and aggregator for innovative ideas and projects.

I would also like to offer my best to the Italian and Italian-American community of San Francisco and the whole Consular jurisdiction, a famous and well-rooted community, to which we owe thanks for growing the bond of friendship and collaboration between San Francisco and Italy, together with my predecessors, of whom I would especially like to thank Mauro Battocchi and Lorenzo Ortona.

The Consulate General will always be a reference point for our compatriots, both for its services offered and for enhancing their link with our country.

The goal I set for myself, in coordination with the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C., and the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute, the Italian Trade & Investment Agency, and the many friends of the Italian Consulate in San Francisco, is precisely that of reinforcing and promoting this link in all sectors: cultural, economic, scientific-academic, technologic, linguistic, agricultural, etcetera.

I am counting on the deeply appreciated support of you all.

Best Regards,

Sergio Strozzi