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Lost or Stolen Passports - E.T.D. (Emergency Travel Document)


Lost or Stolen Passports - E.T.D. (Emergency Travel Document)

Lost or Stolen Passports – E.T.D. (Emergency Travel Document)

If an Italian citizen has lost or has been robbed of his/her Italian passport, and must urgently return to Italy or to his/her country of Residence, this Consulate General may issue an emergency travel document (also called E.T.D.) 


  • The E.T.D. is valid only for ONE return journey to Italy, or to the applicant's country of permanent residence.
    • If the applicant is resident in another Consular jurisdiction, this Consulate must verify that he/she is registered in AIRE through another Consulate abroad. The address declared on the application form must match the ‘Schedario Consolare’ of the Consulate in whose jurisdiction the applicant resides.
  • The request for an E.T.D. must be submitted to the Italian Consulate/Embassy from whose jurisdiction the return flight departs. Click here for a list of states within this Consular jurisdiction.

  • If the return flight departs from another Consular jurisdiction, the request for the E.T.D. (including the Police Report of lost/stolen passport within this jurisdiction) must be submitted to the Consulate/Embassy from whose jurisdiction the return flight departs.

  • Because the E.T.D. is only valid for a limited time, the application for an E.T.D. should be submitted only within 7 days of the departure.

To issue an E.T.D. applicants must print and submit the following documentation to the Consulate in San Francisco.

Please note that this form of assistance may be unavailable during holiday closures, and in such cases it may be necessary to postpone the request for E.T.D. issuance until the next available workday.

  1. E.T.D. request form (see forms at top of page)
  2. Photocopy of lost/stolen Italian passport PLUS photocopy of E.S.T.A for applicants not resident in the USA.
  3. A valid photo I.D. (if possible)
  4. 2 photographs (click here for specifications)
  5. Form for reporting a Lost/Stolen Passport
  6. Lost/Stolen Passsport report from the local Police authority.
  7. Printed copy of return flight itinerary
  8. Payment for the cost of the document (click here for Consular Fees)

The ETD can also be issued to citizens of EU member states after obtaining formal authorization by a consular or diplomatic representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of the applicant

For any questions please send an email to the Passport Department of this Consulate in San Francisco.